Requirements for Re-certification in NMM/OMM

Physicians with a time-dated certification are required to re-certify every ten years in order to maintain board certification.

Effective by action of the AOA Board of Trustees in 1995, all NMM/OMM certificates carry a ten-year period of expiration. To be eligible for re-certification as a diplomate, a candidate must meet the following requirements:

  1. The AOBNMM credentialing committee will review the diplomate’s CME report from the most recent completed CME cycle. The diplomate should include this report. The diplomate MUST have obtained 150 hours in AOA and AOBNMM approved CME in the evaluated AOA CME cycle; with 50 of those hours being in NMM/OMM and approved by the AOBNMM credentials committee.
  2. Hold a current unlimited license to practice in the United States.
  3. Must have been and continue to be a member in good standing of the American Osteopathic Association for the entire time they have been certified;
  4. Must be able to show evidence of conformity to the standards set in the Code of Ethics of the American Osteopathic Association;
  5. Must apply to the AOBNMM for re-certification prior to the expiration date of his/her original or current certificate (can apply two years before the actual expiration);
  6. Remit the examination fee of $600.00 at the time of application;
  7. Sit for a written examination (at a pre-determined site and date) before the expiration date of his/her original or current certificate;
  8. Confirm intent to sit for examination at the scheduled date (All candidates will be expected to sit at a time and place as per the Board’s published examination schedule).

All costs to the candidate are the candidate’s responsibility.