OCC Component 2 – Lifelong Learning/Continuing Medical Education

AOBNMM CME Requirements

Each diplomate must engage in lifelong learning. A candidate will maintain ongoing CME requirements validated by the AOA.

  • Maintain a minimum of 150 CME hours of postgraduate credits over a three (3) year period coordinated with the AOA CME cycle.
  • Fifty (50) of the required 150 hours must be in the primary specialty of neuromusculoskeletal medicine.
    • Please note that hours that do not qualify toward the 50 NMM specific primary specialty credits would still apply toward the overall requirement of 150 credits.
    • The 50 credits must be completed prior to the end of the CME cycle. 
    • There is a maximum number of 25 CME credits of teaching/preceptoring that can be applied to Specialty Specific CME per each 3 year CME cycle.





An official CME Printout with the credits listed can be obtained from https://www.docmeonline.com.

An official CME Cycle Report with the itemized credits listed (not just the summary) can be obtained from http://www.osteopathic.org/inside-aoa/development/continuing-medical-education/Pages/default.aspx.